Digital Strategist

Gained experience in managing adv and e-comm optimization with turnover of over 200k.

Transversal knowledge of the entire work that will have to be coordinated, and request the team with technical skills on at least one vertical:

– PPC (FB and Google)
– CRO (mainly Google Optimize)
– Analytics
– Tag Manager
– Mail marketing and automation

The way we work, the “strategist” is the figure who on the basis of an analysis, identifies a metric to be developed for a period of time called “sprint”, and plans and prioritizes all activities to carry out.

You have a project manager for the allocation of tasks to the team, an account that speaks (filters) with the customer, and an operational team with vertical skills (adv, tracker, dev, copy).

He does a cool job.

If you can’t play guitar, I think it’s the closest thing to being a rock star.

She practically never has her hands in first-person operation, but she is quite at the forefront to decide the game.

To do all this and allocate tasks to at least seven/eight people, you need:

Experience, skills and the attitude to risk or in general to take responsibility.

Company info:

We opened two years ago, and there are 20 of us. From this year, among the partner agencies of FB, we collaborate with leading partners in Italy for brand, copy and direct response marketing; we manage ads and trainers’ funnels. They teach how to do adv as well as e-comm that also bills millions.

We are just getting started and if you want to show something to the world or to yourself by engaging in an inspiring environment, where you can grow, take responsibility and challenge yourself, we are the best option:
We really have fame.

If so far, it seems like a figure, I suggest you read below because the bad news begins.

– We work from Cesena, and NO, you cannot work remotely.
(I know that we are foreclosing on talents and that we are troglodytes, that is.)

– Most of the team are hired for an indefinite period, but first went through a temporary trial phase.

These are ‘sine qua non’ conditions.


Digital Strategist