Per poter comprendere il resto, devi prima sapere...

We grew up as startuppers, not consultants, so we got used to spending our money, not those of others.

We struggled all our lives as underdogs, with the odd stacked against us.

We wasted a lot of time listening to those who were supposed to teach something but never achieved it themselves.

Never a street to follow, never a shortcut to take and never a humble objective to aim for.

When you’re innovating, you can’t ask someone how to do something…

You can only count on your mindset, on your team and on strength.

I’m talking of the strength to rise up after every fall and every failure.

Yeah, I wrote failure.

Fail on the edge is fine and tolerated.

We are iterators, not perfectionists.

Our skill is not to reach the objective without smudges; we are the best to bring you to your goal in the fastest way and the leanest one.

Fuck perfection.

We are fast.

I don’t know any person who studied digital strategy more than me, but:

Fuck theory; we iterate.

No worries if you can’t see a solution yet.

We’ll find a way.

For sure.


Here the manifesto I promised:

We dream of world ruled by meritocracy.

We have never accepted the role someone designed for us.

We are the rebels, the adapting, the ingenious and we are not fine in the current status quo.

That’s why, with the hard work, discipline and experimentation we’re redefining the standards of the game.

We are the next gold standard.

We are