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If you want to prove yourself and challenge yourself: You’re in the right place.

Keep in mind that you’re not applying for a comfortable job.

Working at GH means solving problems, rolling up your sleeves without complaining, and most of the time exploring the unknown. Really. We’re innovators and we’re changing the paradigm of the marketplace – there’s no playbook yet.

You’ll be thrown into the fray to test your attitude and skills, and you’ll likely learn by doing and by failing. We respect your degree or academic background, but this is real life and we value those who bring value and innovation, not a resume.

You will be challenged.

Nothing personal, GH is not for everyone. We’re looking for talented, angry bastards with a desire to prove how much they count. We are already over 20 people with an average age under 30.

Do you want to come and create future with us?

Are you ready for that?

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